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Optimization of storage costs

The availability of warehouses near the Russian border gives you the opportunity to divide your resources according to the market demand. In case if the goods are sold out and are required to fill the empty shelves in Russia, we will immediately deliver the goods from the port to your warehouse in Russia. While the goods are scheduled for sale within 1-2 months or more, it is significantly more advantageous for you to place goods in “Atlas” warehouses in Riga. This logistics solution allows you to reduce your working capital and to save money due to lower storage costs.

Warehouse in Riga

Consolidation from all over the world

Our warehouse is used as a trans-shipment and consolidation point for goods in transit from all over the world to Russia and the CIS. This service is especially convenient due to the work of our team of logisticians, which carries out the organization of all incoming and outgoing shipments from our warehouse. Employees of “Atlas” weekly collect hundreds of orders from all over the Europe and book hundreds of containers every month from all over the world. A separate department of the company deals with the delivery of consolidated cargos. Increased development in this area, extensive experience, continuous work with more than one hundred proven partners in Europe, and the availability of information about free space in vehicles, as well as their location allows us to quickly quote the shipping cost, to find a vehicle near the site of your leading in the shortest time, and to safely deliver the goods to our warehouse in Riga.

The restructuring of taxes

Further savings are achieved by eliminating the need to pay taxes for the goods stored in “Atlas” warehouses in Riga. “Atlas” warehouses have customs warehouse status, which means that we store goods before their release to free circulation in the market. Using our warehouses you do not need to freeze your money to pay taxes on all of your goods. You can clear only those goods that are scheduled for sale no later than 2-3 weeks after customs clearance.

Your business development center

“Atlas” warehouses are located in a region which serves over 300 million customers. We are the largest distribution center for importers who develop their businesses not only in Russia but also in the Baltics, Scandinavia and Eastern Europe. Our favorable geographic location and high quality of service gives our partners the important preconditions for successful business development.

Advantages of Latvia as a transit route:

  • The absence of language barriers;
  • Unions do not stop the operation of a port in Latvia;
  • The Gulf of Riga does not freeze; climate conditions;
  • Air traffic in Latvia is the most advanced in the Baltics;
  • Highly developed financial services sector.

Membership in IFWLA

“Atlas” engages in social activities and takes part in major industry organizations. President of “Atlas” Michael Fridman represents Latvia in International Federation of Warehousing and Logistics Associations IFWLA. Each year the Federation hosts a warehousing logistics industry convention in the different countries and regions of the world. This event provides participants with unique opportunities to explore different business models, experience cultural venues and develop business connections. In 2006, at the annual congress of IFWLA, the role of gracious host and conference organizer was assigned to Latvia. President of “Atlas” Michael Fridman was president of the International Federation and represented the interests of Latvia at the conference.

Minimization of costs in excess of purchases

Our clients receive an additional opportunity to manage their business, optimizing the delivery time and minimizing the financial costs. The ability to control your cash flow by redirecting part of the goods to our customs warehouse, allows you to synchronize the procurement and manufacturing processes of the products as well as sales processes, and to avoid unnecessary costs that arise for a variety of unplanned reasons. For example, there could be a forced large order for the production or purchase of flow and delivery of goods, which does not correspond to your order, the seasonal decline in demand of products, the detection of defects in the batch, or a dramatic change in market conditions. Using our customs warehouses, where you can control a range, count and precisely weigh your goods, will help to prevent the possibility of further difficulties in the Russian customs after the declaration of goods. After analyzing the cost of addressing these and other challenges, our clients have come to the conclusion that it is much cheaper to solve these challenges in our warehouses than in a port, in a short term warehouse in Russia, or Russian warehouses after the customs clearance.

Individual approach to each client

From the moment of contacting to company, a personal manager works with the client. He coordinates the entire process, and is responsible for the quality and delivery of the goods on time. A personal manager always stays in contact with the client and is aware of their situation by tracking the movement of cargo and the paperwork process.

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