Pharmacy logistics

New business direction – logistics center Atlas has received license to transport and handle medicine. Requirements to transport and handle medicine are high so constant improvement in technology and service from the company is required.


Warehousing & Distribution for eCcommerce

New service from logistics center Atlas– a full range of services for online trading companies. Our range of services for online stores and e-commerce companies include the delivery of goods from the supplier to a specialized Atlas warehouse, the necessary processing in the warehouse and shipment to the final buyer.

New level of security in logistics

Following tendencies and observing the changes around the world we are paying attention to the security of our processes and interests of our customers. Responsibility of freight forwarding company ATLAS is insured. While transporting freight we guarantee that all goods will be delivered in it’s best condition and without any possible damage. However in exceptional special occasions stated by insurance end-buyer will receive full reimbursement for the inconvenience caused.