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Customs broker

Customs broker in EU

Licensed Customs Broker

Latvian customs service trusts us to prepare the customs declarations ourselves. The service is needed for European companies that give power of attorney to Atlas to carry out import customs procedures, which allows the opportunity to save by not having to pay VAT (Value Added Tax) when the custom clearance in Latvia is made. The same service Atlas provides for companies non-residents, that buy goods in the EU and consolidate them in Latvia for export to third countries.

Full service of drawing up documents

  • Filling in the shipping documents such as CMR, TIR CARNET, invoices, packing lists and manifestos of the goods, sanitary and veterinary certificates, certificates of origin;
  • Declaration of export and import cargo;
  • Customs clearance of goods at the border and inland customs offices, including the port.

Simplified declaration

If at the time of release of goods for free circulation, the Latvian resident lacks any documentation (such as a certificate of origin), we have a possibility to have a simplified declaration for up to 10 days. This temporary deferral allows our loyal customers to receive the goods immediately, submitting the final customs declaration within 10 days of receipt of all required documentation from supplier.

For Latvian clients

“Atlas” provides a release for free circulation of goods under its guarantee with a deferred payment of customs duties and taxes for customers in Latvia. Having an impeccable reputation with the State Revenue Service of Latvia, “Atlas”, receiving a clear, comprehensive documentation and information about the product from the customer, submits it to the customs as a direct representative of the client.