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Customs clearance in Russia and the Customs Union

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Logistics center Atlas works on the „one link in the chain” principle offering a full range of customs services, which includes these base

Stages of customs clearance:

  • 1Application
  • 2Calculations
  • 3Agreement
  • 4Delivery
  • Data collection about the product

    At this stage custom clearance experts collect all the necessary information about the product: whether it has previously been imported into the territory of the Russian Federation, whether commodity code has been assigned to it, and whether there are any additional requirements to custom clear the product.

  • The selection of ТН ВЭД code and assigning it to the product

    An important condition for this procedure to succeed is correct and unambiguous definition of the product and its classification in the group of ТН ВЭД codes. There is a strong correlation between the assigned ТН ВЭД code and the mode how customs duties and taxes are calculated. Correctly chosen ТН ВЭД code can save significant amounts of money, since customs fees on different codes can vary several times.

  • Preparation of preliminary documents and permits

    "Atlas" customs specialists, who have extensive experience in working with customs documentation, will gather and prepare all the necessary permits for the goods in the shortest time possible, greatly speeding up the passage of goods across the border.

  • Execution of a customs application and submission the customs service

    At this stage it is important to check with customs office all the possible questions relating to the cargo, as well as prepare all the necessary shipping documents. All actions, carried out at this stage, are aimed at minimizing the risk of " Force majeure" situations.

  • Choosing the most cost-effective option for passing borders

    Choosing the best payment scheme for customs services – this is a key element of the service chain, as it affects the cost of the customs services that our client has to pay. "Atlas" customs specialists are always ready to help the client to choose the right way to optimize costs.

  • Monitoring the customs value of the goods

    "Monitoring the customs value of the goods" is an effective tool to determine the actual customs value of the goods. In case the product has previously been imported in the Russian Federation, the Federal Customs Service database already has information about the customs value of the goods. The task for "Atlas" customs specialists is to choose the optimal way of transportation of the cargo, with minimization of the customs duties in mind.

  • Registration of the delivery of the goods which is done by customs broker who is licensed by Russian FCS

    To register the delivery of the goods, we, together with the broker who is licensed by the Russian FCS, must specify the range of goods. This must be done as soon as possible to eliminate any problems that may occur in the future. Customs broker, as a trustee of the company "Atlas", takes full responsibility for the proper paperwork.

  • Registration of the delivery of consolidated loads

    In practice "Atlas" weekly executes documents for different goods in the consolidated cargo. The cargo is cleared and sent to the address and the name of each importer, who, after receiving the goods, releases them for free circulation in Russia.

  • Client approval for the method and amount of the payment

    After client receives the preliminary information on the costs of customs clearance and transportation of cargo, he makes a final decision to deliver goods to the territory of the Customs Union or not.

  • Calculation and agreement on customs payments with the Federal Customs Service of Russia

    "Atlas" customs experts have a unique opportunity to pre-align customs payments with Russian Customs Service.

  • Preparation and execution of necessary permits

    Clients clearly benefit from years of experience and good reputation that logistics center "Atlas" has. We will help the client to receive and execute all the necessary documents as soon as possible. Such documents include declaration of conformity, certificate of compliance, fire safety certificate, technical regulations, certificate of state registration, etc.

  • Confirmation or adjustment of customs duties

    At the time of the actual cargo shipment from the "Atlas" warehouse, we confirm the customs duties for the final time, and in case of need – correct them. This is done in order to provide as accurate as possible changes in the risk of customs certification, currency fluctuations and other factors that may have a significant impact on the final price of the service.

  • Final verification of inventory accompanying documents

    The final inspection of documents occurs when executed and loaded truck leaves "Atlas" warehouse. At this stage prepared customs declaration is submitted, in order to minimize truck downtime risks at the border.

  • Monitoring the route of the truck from its loading stage to unloading at clients warehouse

    This procedure allows immediate problem solving. “Atlas” specialists are well aware that the accuracy of actions from the moment of loading the truck at "Atlas" warehouse to its discharge at the customer's warehouse minimize and prevent unexpected costs at the customs post.

  • Arrival of truck at warehouse of temporary storage warehouse

    By the time the truck arrives on the temporary storage, the payment previously predicted and the agreed on, transfers from the account of a client or broker to the budget of the Russian Federation.

  • The completion of customs formalities at temporary storage warehouse

    This action takes place in the presence of the representative „Atlas", which controls the situation in person and has the ability to quickly arrange the release of goods for free circulation. It is very important that a representative of "Atlas" has all the information, which helps to minimize downtime of transport which may entail additional costs.

  • Cargo unloading at the client's warehouse

    The truck is sent to the client’s warehouse for final discharge. The driver, who is present at loading and unloading of the truck, signs the accompanying documents, confirming the fact of delivery and shipment to the customer.

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