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Auto transport

“Atlas” transport department specializes in international cargo transportation by road between Western, Central and Eastern Europe, Scandinavia, Russia and the CIS countries. We do not just deliver the goods, we also provide the planning of optimal scheme and route and select the most suitable vehicles, depending on the characteristics of the cargo and requirements of the client.

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Advantages of working with „Atlas”

The main advantages of transporting goods by road are ability to deliver „from door to door”, to do it in any time and in all directions and reduction of shipping costs. High maneuverability, speed of delivery, the possibility to optimse route, freedom to choose rolling stock - all this makes the international road transportation a great choice for the majority of our clients.

Truck loading procedures

A list of auto transport services:

  • Full and partial load to any destination in Europe and Russia;
  • Shipping containers from the ports of Latvia to Russia, CIS and Baltic States;
  • Reliable contracts for the cargo transport;
  • Selection of an optimal transport;
  • Reliability, punctuality in loading and delivery;
  • Transportation of oversized cargo.
  • Additional cargo insurance.

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