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International online business magazine “The Baltic Course” published an article in the November’s issue with important topic in today’s world – the role of Latvia in the cargo transit routes to Russia.  In this article Michael Fridman, the chairman of the board at “Atlas” Ltd., talks about the advantages and benefits of using Latvia as a transit route to Russia.

You can read the full article by Michael Fridman here:

The Baltic Course: Michael Fridman
CEO of “Atlas” Ltd. Michael Fridman

New advertisement in the “BalticOutlook” magazine

Category: Our news

Oktober edition of AirBaltic’s in-flight magazine “BalticOutlook” features a creative full-page advertisement of “Atlas”.

Logistics advertisement
“Atlas” advertisement in the “BalticOutlook” in-flight magazine

Making of our print ad

Making of this ad was fun and challenging at the same time. The assignment was to make a print ad that clearly reflects our business model, individual approach to each client and our competitive advantages. At the peak of the creative process we decided to use exotic animals as an metaphor for wide range of goods that we work with. But after some time we dropped this idea and sticked with regular consumer goods that we all know and use in our daily life.

Logistics ad process
Making of our print ad

New website

Category: Our news

On the 1st of July, 2013 „Atlas” launched a new version of the official website. Now you can find us on

We strive to reach the tops and constantly move forward. Our new website tells the story of our company from its foundation in 1992 and shows how we become successful in the industry.

The user interface of the new site is simple and concise – everyone can get find answers to any questions and get complete information about our services and capabilities. New website beautifully visualizes the process of our work and opens the doors for you to look into our everyday life.

Advertisement in the “BalticOutlook” magazine

Category: Our news

Our company follows the time and we always improve our work process, we are committed for development using all modern worlds’ possibilities.
July edition of AirBaltic’s in-flight magazine “BalticOutlook” features a bright full-page advertisement of “Atlas”. This magazine is designed for a wide and diverse audience and it is aimed for people, who want to develop their businesses and is informative for people who want to find business-partners, and can be useful and interesting for people who are planning their holidays in different countries in the world.

Реклама в журнале BalticOutlook
“ATLAS” advertisement in the “BalticOutlook” magazine

Participation in the conference IFWLA 2013

Category: Our news

IFWLA (International Federation of Warehousing and Logistics Associations) – is an international federation which brings together world’s largest warehousing and freight forwarding companies. The main aim of the federation is to stimulate the development of warehousing and logistics services, data collection, information research and exchange regarding different issues, which are important to all members of the organization.

Every year since 1998, company “Atlas” participates in the conferences organized by IFWLA, and May 2013 was not an excepion. This year China hosted the conference’s guests and participants. We had the honor to represent LAFF (Latvian Association of Freight Forwarders) and give a presentation with a great title – “Latvia in the global logistics world”. Presentation was based on materials kindly provided by “Latvia’s Ministry of Transport”, so we must to say “Thank you!” to them.

IFWLA 2013
IFWLA 2013
IFWLA 2013