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“Atlas” - one of the logistics and warehousing business pioneers in the post-Soviet period, from those first years of work has won and still holds leadership positions in the industry. Creativity and logic, precise engineering calculation and the pursuit of development are core features of our corporate identity. Leaders of international business rely on us, finding in "Atlas" a natural understanding of the Russian market, combined with Western pedantry.

A wide range of services

“Atlas” range of services covers all needs for the transportation, storage and distribution of goods to Russia, Customs Union, Europe and beyond. We rely on cooperation with reliable partners from all continents, working under direct contracts as well on the basis of professional connections, provided by membership in international organizations. “Atlas” experts were directly involved in the development of the Latvian customs and transport legislation and are recognized authorities in the industry.

Own warehouses around 10.000sqm

“Atlas” warehousing services are something from which our history began. Our services meet the strictest requirements of the major Russian importers. We work with standard consumer products as well as exclusive, expensive and complicated cargos, standing out with our fast and accurate order fulfillment at the same time. Today's customs and excise storage volume makes us leaders in the Baltic warehouse business.

Everything for the client

The operational foundation of the “Atlas” company is partnership, loyalty to one's word and the priority of our client’s interests. We are willing to share information and “know-how” in the business, always offering a little bit better service and a little more care than the competitors. Our client’s reputation and reliability of their business is important for us as our own reputation. Such an approach has paid off for over 20 years.

Our employees are our gold

“Atlas” has a highly qualified staff, characterized by a high level of responsibility for their work. Multistage instrumental and personal control during execution of technological procedures eliminates errors in documents or during the bundling of goods batches. We are responsible for the good’s safety and condition in front of you and our state; therefore, it is as difficult to get on our team as it is to get a job in an exclusive jewelry store!

Universal company

We form massive batches of dozens of various goods and provide a single, unique delivery with equal care. Large retail networks of electronics and sports goods, fashion brands, distributors and importers of alcohol, furniture retailers, auto dealers, as well as suppliers of industrial and power equipment are among our clients. All of them are provided with the registration by articles during the unloading, storage and dispatch.

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