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History of the company:


Development of EGAIS (original: ЕГАИС)

In the first quarter of this year ATLAS continued to increase the transit flow of goods to Russia. However, the complexity of the financial sector in Latvia, in particular the lack of bank financing of transit industry, threatens to slow down the trend that has emerged since the middle of last year. ATLAS has developed an electronic accounting system for Russian excise stamps in accordance with the requirements of the EGAIS. Testing and implementation of the system is scheduled for June 2018.


Change in the structure of the transit flow of goods

Decrease in the volume of customs storage of goods, increase in the turnover of cargo transshipment. Stabilization of the transit flow of goods to Russia. Increase in the volume of transshipment of excisable goods.


Modernization of ATLAS warehouse capacities

Transition to the exclusive use of electric forklifts. Implementation of an electronic warehouse management system. Creation of a sales department.


Tough times in Logistics

Anti-Russian sanctions and contra sanctions. And still ATLAS has kept every single client, however transit cargo volume has decreased up to 30%.


Pharmacy logistics

New business direction – logistics center Atlas has received license to transport and handle medicine. Requirements to transport and handle medicine are high so constant improvement in technology and service from the company is required.


Warehousing & Distribution for eCcommerce

New service from logistics center Atlas– a full range of services for online trading companies. Our range of services for online stores and e-commerce companies include the delivery of goods from the supplier to a specialized Atlas warehouse, the necessary processing in the warehouse and shipment to the final buyer.

New level of security in logistics

Following tendencies and observing the changes around the world we are paying attention to the security of our processes and interests of our customers. Responsibility of freight forwarding company ATLAS is insured. While transporting freight we guarantee that all goods will be delivered in it’s best condition and without any possible damage. However in exceptional special occasions stated by insurance end-buyer will receive full reimbursement for the inconvenience caused.


Newcomers in our financial partners group

Our financial support program for clients is now supported by three European banks. More information

A new level of security in logistics

Following global trends we pay special attention to protect activities and interests of our clients. Forwarding responsibility of the logistics center Atlas is now insured. We guarantee safe and secure delivery of clients’ cargo to the final recipient. But with the possible occurrence of the insured event, all clients’ losses are compensated.

Purchase of warehouse

Logistics center Atlas has marked a new era in its warehousing history by purchasing warehouse territory that, till this day, had been rented. This is a great and powerful business asset for us and for our clients to operate with.


Complex logistic solutions

Logistic “under the key” – new service ATLAS provides that includes development and realisation of logistic solutions taking in consideration business specifics and details. One of examples to be mentioned is organisation of warehouse complex for special furniture manufacturer-importer based on request of goods processing and storing. Highly professional specialists of ATLAS have fulfilled mentioned request under customs license – starting with rent and equipping of warehouse 5 000 m2 spaces and finishing with hiring qualified specialists and full commissioning of particular object.


Significant increase in employee numbers

With the increasing number in shipments, processed by the company, logistics center Atlas is actively expanding its team. We already have doubled up forwarding department, hired new talents in customs department and created sales department whose job is to work with clients and their inquiries.

New business contacts

Expansion of the transportation geography and construction of new supply chains is the main theme for this year. For example, now we deliver containers from India to our partners in Tashkent.


New office space

After registering another customs warehouse and moving into a new office space, Atlas now holds 18’000 sqm of warehouse territory and offers 3PL logistics services within a single company. This is an important step for us and our clients. From this day forward this is our address: 76 Lubanas street, Riga, LV-1073, Latvia.

Новые офисные помещения

Fiscal Representative services in the EU

Atlas provides the service of a fiscal representative in the European Union, which allows postponing the payment of VAT till the release of goods for free circulation.

We get the license to work with dual-purpose loads

Atlas gets a state license to work with the dual- purpose loads.


Atlas – a participant of FEA (Foreign Economic Activity)

Atlas offers services as the Russian customs broker – a participant of FEA.

The official visit of the President of Latvia in the Russian Federation.

President of Atlas, vice president of LAFF (Latvian Association of freight forwarders and logistics) Michael Fridman is a member of the state delegation at the first in the history of Russian-Latvian relations official visit of the President of Latvia in the Russian Federation.


Bureau Veritas Certification

Atlas successfully implements a quality management system and receives the document of Compliance to ISO 9001:2000 from the Bureau Veritas Certification.


Developing a system of working capital loans for our clients

In collaboration with Rietumu banka Atlas has developed a system of working capital loans for our clients according to the European rates under the security of stocks located in the European Union. On the basis of the tripartite agreement, the warehouse, on the request of the bank, shall provide information on balances and at bank’s instructions to conduct the shipment from the warehouse. With assurance regarding the existence of goods, the bank may adjust the size of the credit line to the customer.



Opening a new customs warehouse

Atlas Logistics Center is expanding and opening a new customs warehouse on 82 Lubanas street, in Riga, close to the highway to Moscow, with rail access, 9km from the Riga seaport.

Lubanas 82

Implementing a complete electronic accounting system of movement of goods

Atlas introduces electronic orders for an entry and exit of goods at the warehouse and a complete electronic record on movement of goods, providing operational analysis of cash flows and the actual stock on many parameters. The registration by articles of goods creates tools for clients to optimize their costs of delivery management, warehousing and logistics.


“Atlas” gets a state permit for the local declaration of goods

As first of the Latvian warehouses, Atlas obtains the permission of the Latvian State Revenue Service on a local declaration of all customs procedures and powers to work without the presence of Customs. In order to get such a permit, the financial records, the use of deposit guarantees and the reputation of the company were assessed.


Forwarding department

Atlas enters into an Agency agreement with the shipping lines Maersk, MSC and CMA, and organizes a network of agents and partners in Southeast Asia, China and America.


Atlas launches the registration by articles during the movement of goods in the warehouse, which provides customers with accurate information in real time and ensures transparency of the company for the customs authorities.


Conclude an agreement with the Russian chain of consumer electronics Eldorado

Atlas signs a contract with the Russian consumer electronics chain Eldorado for the consolidation of goods and for the forming batches to supply directly to the regions of Russia.


Conclude a contract with a leading importer of wine and spirits in Russia, Alianta Group

Alianta Group – the leading importer of wines and spirits since 1993. The company took part in the formation of the modern Russian wine market and is one of the recognized leaders in the industry today.

Alianta group


Excise warehouse opening

Atlas implements the excise warehouse to work with alcohol and develops precise technology to label products with Russian excise stamps.

Акцизный склад


Acquired the status of a customs broker

Atlas Logistics Center receives the status of a customs broker and prepares warranty for registration and transportation of transit goods without paying taxes.


The first customs warehouse

Atlas Logistics Center opens its first customs warehouse with closed and open areas for storage.

Assisted in the development of LAFF

Atlas was active founding member of the Latvian Association of Freight Forwarders and Logistics (LAFF), and the company’s owner, Michail Fridman became its permanent vice-president.



The origin of the transport and logistics brand Atlas in Latvia

The creators of the brand were directly involved in the transition of the post-Soviet economy to market principles with their trademark variety and have witnessed the organization of customs and participated in the development of transport and customs legislation and procedures.