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Bank loans

In cooperation with banks “Atlas” offers optimal logistics and a full range of financing of trade transactions by Russian importers. Taking into account that nowadays many trade companies need operating assets, we have created a special support program for clients, from cargo transshipment cost optimization to financing import and export operations.

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Terms and Features

Particularly, our partner “Rietumu Banka” is ready to offer our clients the necessary resources for export-import operations. The collateral may be the goods at the warehouse or those being delivered under control of the freight forwarding company “Atlas”, as well as requirements for the debtors secured with bank guarantees or letter of credit. Possible loan amount: from 200,000 euro to 2,000,000 euro for the period of 12 months (optionally, it may be extended). Also, the clients of “Rietumu Banka” are offered overdrafts in the amount of 50,000 to 1,000,000 euro for the period of 3-6 months (the period may be extended optionally as well).

Credit against goods in stock

The bank finances the purchase of goods by providing letters of credit or guarantees; alternatively the bank makes a down payment In this case the customer may receive the goods from the “Atlas” customs warehouse in Latvia.

Financing Secured goods in transit

A trading company purchases goods at its own or a supplier’s expense. Upon receipt of the bills of lading, which prove the goods are dispatched, and presenting them to the bank, the client company receives financing in the form of a loan, which has to be repaid when the goods reach their destination, or, in the case of their further allocation in an agreed customs warehouse of “Atlas”, immediately prior to receipt of the goods from the warehouse.

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