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Characteristics of the customs warehouse
Heated storage class “А”: 1500 sq.m
Heated storage class “B”: 8500 sq.m
Availability of cargo handling equipment: 16 items
Availability of railway sidings: check
The possibility of shelf storage: check
Controlled temperature conditions: check
Ability of 24/7 cargo handling: check
On-line monitoring of the cargo status: check
The presence of video surveillance: check

Customs warehouse

Transit through Latvia

The logistics center “Atlas” is located directly on the Riga-Moscow highway, near the railway to Moscow, 9 km from the port of Riga and 16 km from the airport, which is convenient for the consolidation of transit cargos from the West to the East and in the opposite direction through Riga by road, rail, sea or air transport.

Basic services

  • Loading / unloading of shipping containers;
  • Loading / unloading of road and railway transport;
  • Storage of goods from third countries under customs control;
  • Storage of goods in warehouses and outdoor areas;
  • Cargo handling in warehouses;
  • Cargo consolidation, sorting, batching and preparing for the shipment;
  • Electronic record of the stock turnover in the warehouse;
  • Preparation of supporting documents.

Cargo handling services

  • Sorting and assembling, palletizing operations of goods;
  • Labeling, repackaging, and adding instructions and descriptions;
  • Checking cargo for the corresponding documents;
  • Batching and preparation of batches for shipment according to customers' requests;
  • A new package for goods production and the renewal of damaged package.

Temporary storage

Sometimes there are situations when there is not enough data for the next transit procedure for the cargo. In such a case, there is a possibility to place the goods in a temporary storage warehouse for 20 days without customs declaration. This temporary extension provides an opportunity to free the vehicle by unloading the goods to the warehouse, to check and compare the consistency of the nomenclature and weight of the goods to with the accompanying documents, and if it is necessary, to ask the supplier for additional documents for the further customs procedures.

The state and our customers trust us

Storage of goods in a customs warehouse meets the requirements of European customs regulation. The goods are stored under a special customs procedure, under customs control. Territory of the customs warehouse is guarded by a specialized security unit. Warehouses are equipped with modern security systems. Each goods “go in” and “go out” from warehouse is registered by the special customs procedure. The stock take of stored goods is held regularly. Registration of goods received for storage and release is performed according to the numbers of customs declarations, the nomenclature, and the weight and number of units. Preparation to dispatch the goods and selection is done on the basis of client orders, which is formed in the electronic system by the skilled manager and custom specialist according to customs and client’s requirements.

High accuracy

The vehicle is loaded and unloaded in the presence of financially responsible persons such as store keeper and driver. While the goods are unloaded in the warehouse, the entire process is documented by photography. If damage in a good’s package is identified by the store keeper, photos are immediately sent by an e-mail to the client for the final decision on package opening. During the loading of goods in the vehicle, our workers make “step-by-step” photos of the process. This ensures quality control of loading works performed by highly qualified cargo handlers, whose main aim is to provide full safety of the goods, but also important is to use the maximum value of the vehicle. Our clients are used to a high quality of work and do not skimp to save money on basic cargo loading/unloading operations. If clients choose a cheaper service provider, it can cause an unfortunate situation where additional expenses for problem solving may occur.

Only good references

Client’s references are the best way “Atlas” expands our clients base. The other way we attract new clients is through partner recommendations - for example, in cooperation with the “Rietumu banka” we implemented programs of working capital loans secured by stocks. Finally, “Atlas” attracts by the open and accessible information about their services, following European principles of a client-oriented company. We are always ready to give good, qualified advice in the field of logistics and customs. We are interested in the prosperity of our clients and partners. Our motto is: the success of our client is our success!

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