Our Experience

At Atlas Logistics Center, our extensive experience is our hallmark. Spanning over years of dedicated service, we've mastered the art of handling a diverse array of goods with unmatched precision and care. From electric appliances to strategic goods, our track record includes a vast range of industries and specialized requirements. Each story of transport and handling reflects our commitment to excellence and the trust our clients place in us. With Atlas, experience a legacy of logistics expertise that ensures your cargo, no matter how unique, is in the safest hands.

Electric Appliances

This was one of the first groups of goods that were served by “Atlas”. The best testament to our professionalism - we work with major importers. So, for a few years we kept an intermediate storage position for consumer electronics chain “Eldorado” in Riga, making direct delivery batches for stores across Russia. We have implemented the registration by articles program, through which we exchange information on the movement of goods and reconcile balances. Booking of lorries, accepting goods into the warehouse and release from the warehouse was carried out on schedule. Atlas defended the interests of the client, adjusted to the change of customs codes and regulations of the Russian Federation on time, as well as offered discounts on selected services.


On the "offshore area" of the customs warehouse, it is beneficial to reload and pack the furniture, because one part damage may take out a whole set from circulation. It is important for the client, that after a long sea shipment, “Atlas” has accepted the freight to the warehouse, sorted and completely processed it. This minimizes the loss of the imports, for which we have drying equipment, the possibility to set aside the broken parts until new ones are received, or for their disposal, and storing the goods in closed premises with special temperature conditions. Inspecting and recording packaging defaults during the unloading process helps to detect defects and shortage in a package. Standard rules of “Atlas” for accepting furniture affixed photo documentation of every step we make, so all costumer complaints can be solved instantly or avoided at all. Often, on the recommendations of our experts, vendors introduce changes in packaging to prevent damages and breaking of expensive goods. If necessary, “Atlas” also undertakes to repackage the product so that the client has no worry about the customs clearance process and safe and sound delivery of a package to its destination in the CIS. Our warehouse workers will patiently and carefully load every available inch inside a truck’s trailer, dramatically reducing transportation costs per unit.

Clothing and footwear

Brands like Valentino, Nina Ricci, Paul & Joe are brought to the heated “Atlas” warehouses in small batches (2-3 boxes) from different parts of the world. We receive air cargo from the United States, Japan, South Korea, and Pakistan, while ensuring packaging integrity control, and if necessary – a single-piece test, recalculation of the goods and all obligatory photography, promptly reporting the shortages, so that the customer would be able to take steps regarding the supplier. Our freight forwarders also are entrusted with a batching in Europe and general transportation from France, Italy and other fashion centers.

Excise goods

Since the entering EU, the control of alcohol circulation has tightened, and the cost of stamps is now done exactly matching a product. Processing and storage of commodities became more thorough and complex, as those in the industry became responsible to both Latvian and Russian customs regarding the accuracy of goods clearance. While working with the Latvian and Russian customs, Atlas gained a reputation as one of the best excise warehouses. We process up to 70-80 lorries per month and have an unlimited reserve of growth: as needed, we train new employees, rent space, and increase the number of partners that provide transport and logistics. New technology (labeling alcohol with the excise stamps) has increased the productivity by 70%, but the skills to package products properly and to upload them for passage on Russian roads reduces the amount of damages from a possible 20% to zero. 90% of warehouses’ customers use it all the time, increasing their turnover and product range each year. A special program provides the information on the presence and movement of goods in warehouses at any time, in detail for each item, for any date from the archive since 2009. This service is included in our services to meet demands.

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