Excise Warehouse

Welcome to Atlas, where we offer specialized excise warehousing solutions tailored to meet the unique demands of your business. Since 1992, our commitment to excellence has established us as industry leaders in the secure storage and processing of excisable goods. With over thirty years of experience, we provide a secure, strategically positioned facility that guarantees the safekeeping and compliant handling of your alcoholic beverages and other excise products. Our team, armed with extensive knowledge and cutting-edge technology, ensures your products are expertly managed, from receipt to dispatch.

We are industry experts

The company provides logistics services for importers and exporters of wine and spirits for about 15 years. Accumulated experience over the years in the alcohol industry, and the high professionalism of our staff ensures quality and timely work in preparing supporting documents, customs declaring, maintaining strict accounting, stock-taking, batching, sorting, labeling, and the loading and unloading of vehicles. Our warehouse has the excise license for the storage and processing of excise goods of all possible types (beer, wine, all types of alcohol and alcoholic beverages, soft drinks, coffee).

Cargo handling services

  • Full monitoring and reporting on the arrival and exit of goods;
  • Labeling with excise stamps and labels for the Baltic States, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, and Kazakhstan;
  • Test of the LOT-numbers;
  • Recording and storage of excise stamps. Storage in safes;
  • Special wrapping of pallets (angles, control tape, etc.);
  • Weighing of goods (pallets, boxes, bottles);
  • Temperature control of loads;
  • Batching, sorting, piece-by-piece selection of cargo for shipment;
  • Palletizing of cargo.

Additional services

  • Work with gift packages;
  • Checking the quality of goods, Atlas offers the services of an experienced team – for verification of wine production (each bottle is checked, x-rayed to detect sediment and foreign objects);
  • Registration of goods regarding the expiry date/sales;
  • Sending batches of products of any size - from different manufacturers/different recipients - at the customer's request;
  • Restoring the look – eliminating the damaged packaging, tainted labels and boxes, cleaning the goods.

The main argument in our favor

The correlation of price, quality and speed is excellent. After receiving all of the necessary information and instructions, the staff of “Atlas” is ready to receive, label, mark and send the goods to your address in one day! A perfectly organized system allows us to provide all necessary information about the load, both the number and the quality, without delay! Ability to develop self-adhesive annotations in any language and any size can save you both time and money.

For additional questions, please don't hesitate to contact us!

Phone: +371 67146235  |  E-mail: atlas@warehouse.lv