ATLAS Logistics Center

International Logistics Center

The basis of "Atlas" work is partnership and loyalty to our word, with the interests of our customers as our Nr.1 priority. Your reputation and business reliability are as important to Atlas as our own. We provide up-to-date information, share "know how", and provide timely updates on important industry changes. Thereby offering better service and more care than our competitors. This approach has been paying off for more than 25 years.

Our Warehouses

  • Customs warehouse
  • Excise warehouse
  • Transit through Latvia

Fright Forwarding

  • Consolidated cargo
  • Container shipping
  • Auto transport

Broker Services

  • European Union customs brokers

Fiscal Agency

  • Economic operator and fiscal representative

Membership in IFWLA

“Atlas” engages in social activities and takes part in major industry organizations. President of “Atlas” Mihail Fridman represents Latvia in International Federation of Warehousing and Logistics Associations IFWLA. Each year the Federation hosts a warehousing logistics industry convention in the different countries and regions of the world. This event provides participants with unique opportunities to explore different business models, experience cultural venues and develop business connections. In 2006, at the annual congress of IFWLA, the role of gracious host and conference organizer was assigned to Latvia. President of “Atlas” Mihail Fridman was president of the International Federation and represented the interests of Latvia at the conference.

Our experience, Your gain

“Atlas” is one of the logistics and warehousing business pioneers in the Baltics with more than 25 years of experience in the field, still holding leadership positions in the industry. Creativity and logic, precise engineering calculation and the pursuit of development are core features of our corporate identity. 

Enhancing Global Trade with Fiscal Representation Services in Latvia

Atlas has the status of Economic Operator and Fiscal Representative in Latvia. This status allows us to provide a wider range of services for both EU resident companies and non-EU residents doing business in Latvia. Fiscal representation, known as "tax representation” is an important service for non-resident enterprises.

Any person registered or not registered in the EU when carrying out taxable activities in the Republic of Latvia transaction tax (transactions for the purchase or sale of goods) may not be registered in the Republic of Latvia as a VAT payer, and use his fiscal representative, who will represent his fiscal interests in LR during the following operations:

  • Release of goods for free circulation with further delivery of goods to the final recipient in another country member of the European Union;
  • Release of goods for free circulation with further delivery of goods to the internal territory of Latvia;
  • Delivery and acceptance of goods into the internal territory of Latvia, if these goods are received for the purpose of further export and placed in a warehouse (including a customs warehouse or an excise warehouse goods),
  • Purchase of goods on the territory of the European Union, if these goods were purchased for the purpose of exporting them to other non-EU countries, placement of goods in a warehouse (including in a customs warehouse or in a warehouse excise goods) and its further export.

Latvia as a transit route

  • The absence of language barriers
  • Unions do not stop the operation of a port in Latvia
  • The Gulf of Riga does not freeze; climate conditions
  • Air traffic in Latvia is the most advanced in the Baltics
  • Highly developed financial services sector

The restructuring of taxes

Significant savings are achieved by eliminating the need to pay taxes for the goods stored in “Atlas” warehouses in Riga. “Atlas” warehouses have customs warehouse status, which means that we store goods before their release to free circulation in the market. Using our warehouses you do not need to freeze your money to pay taxes on all of your goods. You can clear only those goods that are scheduled for sale no later than 2-3 weeks after customs clearance.

Consolidation from all over the world

Our warehouses are used as a trans-shipment and consolidation point for goods in transit from all over the world. This service is especially convenient due to the work of our team of logisticians, which carries out the organization of all incoming and outgoing shipments from our warehouse. 

Our Contacts

📍 Lubanas street 76, Riga, LV-1073, Latvia

☎️ +371 66939939



One-stop Service

We offer customised logistics solutions. With equal care, we form both single, unique deliveries and bulk shipments of goods consisting of dozens of items. Our customers include major electronics and sporting goods retailers, fashion brands, alcohol distributors and importers, furniture retailers, car dealers, and industrial and power equipment suppliers. All are provided with article-by-article record for the unloading, storage and dispatch of goods.